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      H-POWER The power to change the world
      CaoPorn福利视频_奇米色影视_久艹视频. is an export-oriented manufacture company specialized in the production of air-cooled diesel and gasoline engines, diesel and gasoline generator sets, diesel and gasoline water pump set, light construction machinery and so on. We are located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province.We own strong technical force, power of sale and service after sales. The products have been sold over The Middle East, South America, Africa, South-east Asia ,North America and so on. We sincerely hope to establish a long term and steady business relations with more friends all over the world.
      We have passed certification of ISO9001:2000 quality management system. Our products of generator sets , construction machines have been certificated by EPA, CARB,2004/26/EC,and CE. It enables the selling in different markets expediently and simply.
      Copyright © 2011 Wuxi H-Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved
      Address:NO.130 Yangshan West Road, Huishan Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province China.
      Telephone Number:0086-510-83690228 Fax Number:0086-510-83694882
      E-mail:sale2@h-power.cn China Zip:214155
      Legal Notice
      A link to our Legal Notice can be found in the footer of every page on http://www.si-os.com,Please note the details of our